Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is this thing on?

I've generally taken a learn-as-you-go approach with my hobbies and pasttimes, and I'm using it here too. :) This is totally a testing-the-waters first post to see what happens! With any luck, I will also share a Never Before Seen on the Interwebs, Special Deal Just for You, exclusive stamped project! Also happens to be one of my first attempts at making an ATC (artist trading card, 2.5" x 3.5"), and was made using leftover Christmas paper from last year's cards, and a stocking image stamped last year too. Go me! A few weeks ago, for some reason I got obsessed with trying out for stamping design teams, and the whole reason this Exclusive ATC came to be was to practice up before submitting for a design team that required one in the application. I didn't wind up ever applying, but was happy to have made a bunch of ATCs anyways. :)

So now I've uploaded the pic and I see the colours went whacko/yucko, and my little watermark got reeeeally little! This drab, depressed-looking image is actually quite festive in real life. Stocking stamp is from The Cat's Pajamas, sentiment is a rub-on from American Crafts, dotty paper is from the Jo-ann dollar bin area, which makes me think it must be by Colorbok. Also used generic red cardstock (sorry ladies, but if ya gotta have it, I can't tell ya where to get it! ha ha I slay me!), ticket corner punch, Prismacolor pencil crayons ("coloured pencils" to the 'mericans in the house), and lemon ice Stickles.

I'll tie this one off with my favourite work moment this week; I said, "Oh no, Sonia, my butt is green!" "Oh that's all right, it does that sometimes. It's still positive!" Not a word of a lie! (We were actually discussing biochemical tests for bacterial identification. But it's much funner to take it out of context!)

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